Ameel Mohammed

Story Teller, Developer, Creative


My name is Ameel Mohammed, born in Trinidad, I call Toronto my home.

This is my personal website where I share my passions, projects and opinions for your consumption, conversation and collaboration. I am always looking for new connections to share and create ideas with and I use this site to welcome friends as we build our relationship.

Below you will find my three personal ventures where I place my time.



Soul Goodness is a business consulting firm focused on digital marketing and creative design. It has helped grown business and individuals to develop their brands and create marketing material for both print and digital. Services offered by Soul Goodness includes; website development, graphic design, desktop publishing, photography, social media, technology support, coaching, and collaboration. With the aim to offer those services to allow clients to focus on their goals, passions and growth.


md651, named after my dad, is my photography ventures where I capture moments both inside and out of the studio. From portraits to landscape, night photography to commercial content. With the lessons and values taught from my father, I take each photo with passion and intent, knowing that every click of the shutter is capable of telling a story. Between contracted and personal project, I find myself enjoying this passion with no end, you’ll often see my with a camera kit near by.


âmel DE âmor is a youthful passion of mine to deejay. Growing up around endless instruments of the various cultures found in Toronto, I aimed to find something to call my own. In high school, I began mixing music through available software, but like photography, I needed something more tactile. At this point I began building a setup for myself while partnering with other deejays and performers for events around the Golden Horseshoe. Playing at weddings, night clubs, launch parties and a podcast. Mixing and creating different sounds is something that wouldn’t stop.


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